About Us

The professiona manufacturer of sand timer and hourglass - Sbon Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou  City, Guangdong  Province, China.

The main product of our company - sand timer and hourglass ,such as  wooden sand timer , plastic sand timer , shower sand timer  sand timer  for kitchen and sauna room , "SZS" Sand timer and hourglass  has been developed since 2003. After thousands of times experiment and improvement, it takes the lead in entering into European market with skilled technology in 2006, It is widely application in place with timing requirements, such as cooking in the kitchen, sauna room, children's poker and chess games, the government to save energy such as water resources, education students, a restaurant serving, and beauty salon, gym, even family ornaments meeting souvenir. We welcome customers from all over the world to the business association of friends to contact us, to seek cooperation.


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